Rental Agreement

This is a rental transaction only; it is not a sale nor does it automatically convert to a sale.

Renter is subject to Credit Approval based on terms and conditions of Amro Music, including but not limited to a credit check.

Renter agrees to rent this instrument for a minimum period of two (2) months.  After the minimum rental period, renter may terminate this rental agreement without penalty by returning the instrument to Amro Music Stores, Inc., provided all payments are up to date through the date of return.  At any time this rental agreement is in effect up to one full year of rental payments paid may be applied to the purchase of this instrument or a similar instrument of equal or greater value.  

Renter is responsible for damages, for maintaining the instrument in good condition, and for loss, theft, and destruction, except as it may be covered by the maintenance and replacement agreement. The renter agrees not to move said property from the address given or from city or state without consent of Amro Music Stores, Inc. No transfer, loss, or deduction of said property shall operate as payment or in any manner release renter from his obligation herein stated. If this agreement expires renter may reinstate it by paying any rental payments and other charges that are due within 5 days of the expiration date. If renter returns the instrument upon request renter may reinstate within 30 days of returning the instrument, unless renter has paid 60% of the total cost which will extend this period to 60 days, or 80% which will extend this period to 180 days.   

If any part of the manufacturer's express warranty covers the above instrument at the time the renter acquires ownership of the instrument, it will be transferred to the renter.         

This is a rental transaction. Renter may renew this rental agreement by making a rental payment in advance for each month renter would like to rent the instrument. Amro Music Stores, Inc. retains title to the instrument at all times. Renter does not own the instrument or acquire any ownership rights in the instrument unless renter buys it or acquires ownership as provided by the terms of this agreement. If renter does not renew this agreement, Amro Music Stores, Inc. may take possession of the instrument wherever found, at the school or elsewhere, with or without the knowledge of the renter.         

Renter and Amro Music Stores, Inc. agree that this is a Tennessee contract, entered into and executed in Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee. The parties agree that Amro Music Stores, Inc. at its option, shall enforce this contract in the Courts of Shelby County, Tennessee, if necessary. If legal action is necessary to enforce the terms of this agreement, renter agrees to pay the costs of collection including reasonable attorney's fees, court costs, and all other collection costs.

There will be a late charge of 5% with a $8 minimum on any payment 10 days past due. Renter authorizes Amro Music Stores, Inc. to charge any past due payments to renter's credit card, to check renter's credit and employment history, and to report to credit bureaus and other grantors of credit renter's payment record.